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8pm Saturday 21st October 2023

Bad MotherFacebook1.jpeg

Bad Mother is an extravaganza about work, motherhood and what it feels like to be cancelled. 

If your baby sometimes drops out of your pram because you’re too busy doing a TikTok chances are you’ll love Bad Mother because, like you, Kate is not just bad, she’s appalling.

Kate Hanley Corley is an entertainer, an actor and a passionate storyteller. She has been performing for more than 30 years, and her latest show, Bad Mother, is no exception. In this show, Kate paints a vivid picture of the real-life struggles and joys in the life of a woman, wife and mother on the verge of a nervous breakdance.


Come and see Kate’s latest show on the 21st October 2023 at the Empire Hotel Beechworth. It will truly be a unique experience with an intimate atmosphere, with delicious food and drinks available before the show, it's sure to be an unforgettable performance. Come and join us for an evening of truth, laughter, and entertainment.

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