Staircase @ Empire
Purpose built professional gallery space at the Empire Hotel.
If you are a local artist who would like to show your work in our gallery space please contact Andrew Madden on 0409 077 367
Current Exhibition
Scott Hartvigsen
Official Opening Sunday 28th March 2021
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Jo Voigt


Official Opening Sunday 17th January 2021

I don't understand football I never have, I went once to a football match, with some girlfriends ( they played netball). We were teenagers & I can only describe it as kinda like a dryland Puberty Blues. .. the boyz were on the field &  we walked around the oval like seriously 7 or 8 times while the game played. I never went back. To survive a Victorian childhood , I learned to lie. 


When caught in an inevitable football conversation, my default escape setting was to tell them I barracked for Collingwood…..they usually turned away in disgust & never talk to me again #win-win situation.

 But curiously I collected the back pages of the local news paper , especially if it was a particularly stirring photo of the footy boyz in action !

These are their pictures, I madeup the story.